Friday, March 15, 2024

Traditional Stepping on Sacred Dust Ceremony Was Held at Sultan of Magindanaw's Kanduli

COTABATO – After the grand enthronement of the 26th Supreme Sultan of Maguindanao, which drew thousands on January 14, 2024, a series of
"Kanduli (thanksgiving)" ceremonies were held to honor His Majesty Sultan Abdulaziz Zulkarnain Mastura Kudarat VI.

During the recent Kanduli ceremony on March 9 at the Royal House of Royal Princess Febs Mastura Matalam, a special and sacred ritual took place to observe the traditional customs confirming the newly crowned Sultan.

An important part of Maguindanao tradition involves the Sultan “stepping on sacred white dust” after his enthronement to consolidate his position. This practice is considered crucial for a Sultan's success and prosperity in his rule. Following generations without this ceremony, Rajah Datu Gumbay Tabunaway, a descendant of the original Tabunaway who initiated this tradition, carried out the ritual with Sultan Zulkarnain to strengthen his throne.

The ceremony, marked by solemnity and reverence, was attended by the Council of Elders, members of the sultanate’s Cabinet, Royal Ladies, Sultans, Datus from various Mindanao regions, and many of the Mastura Clan. Well-wishes and messages of support abounded, showcasing their unity and unwavering loyalty to the new Sultan.

Among the distinguished guests was Dr. Abdalla Sharief, President of the United Nations Correspondents Association of Vienna (UNCAV), appointed as Maguindanao’s International Ambassador of Goodwill to the United Nations and Arab countries, receiving the title of Datu Marajalaila.

WCH Founder, Mariam Leonor Torres Mastura, known as the "Daughter of the Sultanate of Magindanaw" based in the United States, expressed her belief in the 26th Supreme Sultan's reign as the most remarkable and robust in Magindanaw's history. She emphasized the strength of the Sultanate in the late Sultan Salem's legacy, Sultan Zulkarnain's leadership, Crown Prince Datu Muamar's dedication, and the loyalty of all Cabinet Members, Datus, and Royal Ladies, highlighting unity and determination to uphold and elevate the Sultanate to a respected and beloved Kingdom.

In his speech, the Sultan expressed, “From the unbroken line of Sultans of Magindanaw, my utmost aspiration is to carry on the legacy of my brother, father, and ancestors by fostering peace among the people of Mindanao and worldwide. I am dedicated to upholding the values of unity, understanding, and respect passed down through generations in my family. With a deep sense of responsibility, I aim to lead with compassion and wisdom, working tirelessly to bridge divides and promote harmony within our community and beyond. Together, we can build a future where differences are celebrated, and where peace is not just a dream, but a reality for all.”

The Crown Prince, HRH Datu Muamar Mastura extended his gratitude for the event's success, especially to the elders, foreign guests, Sultans, Datus, Royal Ladies, and all supporters of the new Sultan, including Mr. Faisal, the master of the ceremony, and his dance troupe, highlighting the efforts that made the event a success!

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