Sunday, February 4, 2024

Sultan of Maguindanao Attends Grand Kaduli Hosted by Sultan Badar of Zamboanga del Sur

(Rerefence: Ispandaria Mastura )

- Last 3rd of February, a grand celebration of gratitude, known as the Kanduli, transpired in Pagadian City. The festivities were hosted by the newly appointed Sultan Badar of Zamboanga del Sur, with noble Datus from all corners of the province in attendance. 

Among the guests of honor was the 26th reigning Sultan sa Magindanaw, HM Sultan Abdulaziz Zulkarnain Mastura Kudarat VI, accompanied by his Cabinet Members, Royal Ladies, and SKYDOP President.

The Kanduli was held in celebration of the issuance of Royal Decree No. 004/2023 by the late HM Sultan Abdulaziz Salem Mastura Kudarat V (Allah Yarhamuh), the 25th Sultan sa Magindanaw. This decree marked the expansion of the territorial authority of the Sultanate of Tawag’n, Pagadian City, and appointed Sultan Coy Azhar Assim Marcaban as the Sultan Badar of the Province of Zamboanga Del Sur. Furthermore, it led to the installation of new officers and members of SKDOP (Sultan Kudarat Descendants Organization of the Philippines), Zamboanga Chapter. 

The Kanduli was a momentous occasion, a celebration of culture, and the future of the Sultanate in Zamboanga del Sur.

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